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Jim Eyre – You might never be the person you used to be

4th April, 2022

Jim Eyre received a film camera from a friend whilst recovering from a stroke in hospital. These images are a result of Jim using the camera as a therapeutic tool to heal and come to terms with how his life may never be the same again. We are constantly reminded of the physical act of taking a photograph in Jim’s images: the thumb across the lens, the wonky and out of focus frames that emphasise his fight to regain control over his body. When Jim approached Bayeux with a single roll of 35mm and asked us to be extremely careful, we were instantly intrigued about his work. After hearing his story, we were delighted to collaborate with Jim in showing his project at Bayeux.

Sacha Lehrfreund’s Hulme 1991-1994

8th May, 2021

Sacha Lehrfreund’s Hulme 1991-1994 documents the largest housing development in Europe located in Hulme, England. Tracing the estate’s problematic history from its completion to demise, Sacha interrogates how governmental underfunding can radically affect a community it is meant to protect.

Starting in 2018 we have introduced our very own exhibition space within the lab. Collaborating solely with artists that work with us, it’s aim is to celebrate our incredibly talented clients whilst also showing off our printing services. We are keen to exhibit a variety of styles that range from classic documentary, fashion and fine art to fully explore the range of practitioners that are using our services.

Previous exhibitors have included: Sacha Lehrfreund, Tuck Muntarbhorn, Danny North, Valentine Schmidt and Alice Joiner.

If you’re interested in exhibiting, please email